Process & Cost

What is the procedure?

Upon intitial contact, we will discuss your project to see if we can be of any service or benefit to you. If so, then we will come out to your home and discuss your plan, or, if you don’t have one, what you plan on using your basement for, your ideas, what you envision, your budgetary concerns, and offer suggestions that over 22 years and 550+ projects of experience can give. We will then do a rough sketch of your basement layout, take measurements, then take that back to the office and input it into the CAD. This allows us to get an exact dollar figure for your project. And our bottom line dollar figure will be exactly that, no more. We don’t like surprises anymore than you do. We will not low ball a project just to get our foot in the door and then start tacking all the “extras” onto the bill. 

That being said, If you don’t have a plan and would like for us to design the space, a minimal charge of $600.00 is required. This will be credited back to the cost of the project should you decide to use us. If not, the plan will be available on our website for you to access, 24/7, for 30 days.

How much will my project cost?

A typical build out cost these days is around $85.00 per square foot, assuming you have a clean slate to work with. That cost is based on roughly 1,000 square feet of finished space.
It includes framing outside concrete exposed walls, electrical wiring including a  sub-panel, 12 recessed lights, HVAC, bathroom with a 1-piece fiberglass tub and shower unit, insulate the exterior 2×6 walls if needed, sheetrock walls and ceilings, basic trim, paint, floor tile in the bathroom and carpet throughout. And, it would be a turn-key project with allowances for plumbing fixtures, vanity, lighting and flooring, etc.
Therefore, the base price of a 1,000 sq ft basement would cost around $85,000.00. Anything else; moving walls and installing beams, (yes, we can take out bearing walls if need be), cabinetry for a bar, kitchen or bookcases, hardwoods, stone work, etc, would naturally add to the cost.

If this all sounds reasonable to you, then fill out the contact form or give us a call at 770.339.4936 and leave a short message and your contact information. We will be out in the field, but will get back to you as soon as we can to set up a time to get you started towards your beautiful new basement!

Thank you,
Ray Pavlovich